Delivery is free in the local area. Deliveries outside the local area incur a cost and are calculated on travel time and fuel. It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue is open and available for set up at the appointed time. Should I need to wait at the venue to gain entry, you may be billed for the time.

Serving Sizes

Standard serves are based on a size of 1", 2", 3" high. Cake serving sizes are estimated. Specialty cakes, carved cakes and methods of carving may affect ultimate serving numbers. Customer must understand and accept these terms, and must order their products accordingly after having to consider these variables.

Cake Design

Where a picture has been provided as inspiration for the design, the customer acknowledges that Camden Cakes will not produce an identical copy. No two cakes are perfectly alike, even one of Camden Cakes own designs will never be replicated exactly. Camden Cakes agrees to produce a highly similar cake. Please be aware that some designs are also protected by copyright and therefore cannot be copied.

Design Changes

The final cake design is due at least two weeks prior to your event date. Any changes made to your original quoted design are subject to change in price, inclusive of supplies that may no longer be required but have already been purchased. If you need more servings, modifications MAY be made to your existing order (depending on design), or a kitchen cake may be made if availability permits. The modification/kitchen cake cost and possible fees for the late change must be paid prior to the event date. All changes are subject to availability.

Allergy Information

Sorry but I do nt offer allergy-friendly cakes at this time.

All my cakes, fillings and icings, may contain or come in contact with soy, wheat, dairy, nuts or other allergens. You acknowledge that you are responsible for informing your guests of this allergy information and accordingly. I will not be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from consumption of the cake.

Flowers & Greenery

If you choose to use fresh flowers and/or greenery on or around your cake, I will be happy to place and arrange them. All flowers and greenery are your responsibility and should be chosen carefully with your florist, as not all flowers or foliage are safe to place on an edible cake. I will not be held responsible for any non-edible flowers or foliage added to your cake. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants and I am in no way liable for any injury/illness that may occur as a result of using fresh flowers.


If a third party will be collecting the cake on the customers behalf, a release form is to be signed by that person, stating the cake is received in good condition at the time of pick up/delivery.

Delivered Cakes

Once a cake has been delivered and set up, the care and condition of the cake becomes your responsibility. Camden Cakes is not liable for any damage that may occur thereafter. Should you choose to have your cake setup outdoors, I am not responsible for what may happen to it, be the weather, insect, child, animal or any other possible cause of damage.

Cakes to be picked up

If you choose to pick up your cake, I am not liable for any damages, accidents, or mishaps that may occur once the cake is released from my care.


Humidity and heat adversely affect your cake.

In the warmer months, it is recommended the cake be kept in air conditioning, or at the very least, a cool area. (Please note refrigeration is not recommended for sugarpaste/fondant cakes). It is strongly recommended that cakes being picked up by the customer be transported in an air conditioned vehicle. You acknowledge that I am no way responsible for any damage that may occur due to the weather conditions


If my services are needed to repair a damaged cake on site, an additional fee will be required (determined based on location and the nature of the damage). Repairs are subject to availability.


When damage occurs at the irrefutable fault of Camden Cakes, a partial or full refund may be given. This will be determined by Camden Cakes on an individual basis. Proof must be provided either in person or by way of pictorial evidence, immediately the damage becomes apparent.

The customer is made aware that some designs (e.g. topsy turvy) are more structurally sensitive than others and improper handling can lead to damage. Assuming all precautions have been taken by Camden Cakes to provide sound structural support, no liability will be taken for damage that may occur once the cake is in the customers possession.

Unforseen Circumstances

I will make every effort to have your cake ready in good condition at the specified date and time. I shall not be liable for any delay, damage or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond my control. My obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation problems, power outage, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, illness, acts of god or any other causes beyond my control that make it impossible or impractical for me to perform. In the event that Camden Cakes is unable to fulfil the order, liability is limited to refund/cancellation of any charges due by you and no further compensation will be paid.


Photographs are taken of all class participants and products that Camden Cakes creates and (in the case of weddings) I may purchase copies from your photographer. I reserve the right to use these pictures for my own reference, for display and/or advertising/promotional purposes without compensation to the customer.

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